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Please slow down. Remind visitors and workmen that our speed limit is 15 mph.

Personal Water Craft Prohibited
Personal water craft (Jet Ski, Sea Doo, and Wave Runner, etc.) are strictly prohibited from Witches Woods Lake. Safety Rules

Witches Woods Lake

WELCOME to Witches Woods Lake!

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This is the Witches Woods Tax District official web site. This site is operated and maintained by the Witches Woods Tax District Board of Directors. Our aim is to make this site an enjoyable, informative and interactive experience for you. We’ll share information about Witches Woods Lake, activities and lake business. We hope that you will share your thoughts & ideas with us and that we all get to know each other better to maximize our enjoyment of Witches Woods Lake. Your comments and interaction will help us make this web site a success.

Covenants (deed restrictions) are enforced by the Board of Directors. Landowners are responsible for knowing and adhering to the covenants. Guest and renters are also restricted by the covenants. (Recorded Vol. 64/578 - Town of Woodstock)

Witches Woods Tax District

Waterfowl - Why Not Feed Them?
Please clink on the link below to read what problems ducks and other waterfowl can create!!!!!

                                              To all Witches Woods Residents,

There have been two recent break ins to homes on Indian Spring Road in the past 30 days.  On both instances, State Police investigations determined that no property or money was taken, however forced entry into the homes caused damage such as broken windows and doors.

The people involved with these break-ins are Sean Morissette and Ashley Smith,  Both individuals are drug addicts.  Mr Morissette is approximately 5'10" tall, weighs about 180 pounds with salt and pepper hair, about 45 years old.  Ms. Smith is 5' tall with dirty blond hair, about 30 years old.  They drive a small, dark blue Pontiac and are homeless.

In no instance, save for actually trespassing your your property, are you to confront these individuals.  Instead, please notify the State Police immediately.

Please use the Neighborhood Watch program.  Those residents who are home during the work days or nights, and you know your neighbor is not home, please keep a watch for this specific car, and any other vehicle you are uncertain of. 

Please talk with your neighbors about these incidents, and know how to reach them quickly.  Moreover, have the state police emergency contact number readily available on your cell phone or near your landline.
Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Glen Humes

President, Witches Woods Board of Directors