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Please slow down. Remind visitors and workmen that our speed limit is 15 mph.

Personal Water Craft Prohibited
Personal water craft (Jet Ski, Sea Doo, and Wave Runner, etc.) are strictly prohibited from Witches Woods Lake. Safety Rules

Witches Woods Lake

WELCOME to Witches Woods Lake!

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This is the Witches Woods Tax District official web site. This site is operated and maintained by the Witches Woods Tax District Board of Directors. Our aim is to make this site an enjoyable, informative and interactive experience for you. We’ll share information about Witches Woods Lake, activities and lake business. We hope that you will share your thoughts & ideas with us and that we all get to know each other better to maximize our enjoyment of Witches Woods Lake. Your comments and interaction will help us make this web site a success.

Covenants (deed restrictions) are enforced by the Board of Directors. Landowners are responsible for knowing and adhering to the covenants. Guest and renters are also restricted by the covenants. (Recorded Vol. 64/578 - Town of Woodstock)

Witches Woods Tax District

A Message from Tom Pandolfi Regarding Snow Removal.

With one snow storm coming right after another, our snow plowing contractor has had to push back the top section of the piles of snow the plow puts on the side of the road. Sometime this pushes snow into an owner's driveway or property and this is the same thing that happens on town and city roads. There is nothing we can do about this as our goal and responsibility is to keep the roads open as wide as possible for emergency vehicle access, and to make additional plowing possible. Do not call the contractor, as he has been told not to respond. As much as we regret it, we cannot do anything about the snow in your driveway.

Thank You!