Witches Woods Lake

About the Lake | Lake Facts

Location: Woodstock Valley, Connecticut

Length: 1 Mile

Width: 1/4 mile at it's widest point

Walking Distance around lake: 2.3 miles

Acres: 70.4

Average Depth: 8 feet

Fish Species: Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Bluegill (Sunfish), Pickerel, Calico Bass.

Beaches: Koviciny Memorial Beach – West side of lake; Hutengs Memorial Beach – East side of lake

Water activities: Fishing, swimming, tubing, water skiing, kayaking, pontoon boating

Other wildlife: White-tailed deer, wild turkey, red fox, coyote, bat, gray squirrel, mallard, canada goose, belted kingfisher, fisher, caronlina wren, eastern king bird, oriole, ruby- throated hummingbird, red tailed hawk, northern mockingbird, northern flicker, eastern phoebe, song sparrow, eastern striped skunk, turtles, beaver, cottontail rabbit ……

Following are links to photographs taken by G. Leslie Sweetnam, an aerial photographer who lives in Woodstock, CT.