Withces Woods Lake

About the Lake | Keeping the Lake Healthy

We all want to enjoy Witches Woods Lake at its best. The responsibility for a clean and healthy lake falls on all of us. The following links are articles that provide valuable information. All of these links are to 3rd party web sites. Even though the articles are not written specifically for Connecticut lakes, much of this content applies to us.

Alien Life Forms? No, Just Bryozoans - These organisms have been seen in Witches Woods Lake. Bryozoans are ecologically important due to their feeding method. As suspension feeders, they act as living filters in the marine environment. More on Bryozoans?

Vegetated Phosphorus Buffer Strips - Areas of natural vegetation which prevent nutrient pollution in our lake due to undesired run-off.

Canada Geese - Natural history of Canada Geese and how to prevent pollution to Witches Woods Lake by Canada Geese

You and Water Quality - How fertilizer and other common lake pollutants affect water quality.

Things you can do to help keep your lakes and streams clean

Tips on creating a green lawn - Local experts in organic and natural-based lawn care suggest the ways to reduce your lawn's dependence on pesticides and fertilizers.